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"Help End Puppy Mills Forever."  Dogs enslaved in puppy mills live horrible lives.  The USDA allows for these situations to exist and the regulations that the USDA enforce need to be changed.  Imagine if you had to spend your entire life living in a 2 foot by 3 foot wire cage, being bred continuously and receiving minimal medical attention, exercise or socialization.  Then when your reproductive capacity wanes you are killed.  This is inexcusable.

Puppy Mill News

Pets Of Bel Air Lawsuit Expanded To Class-Action Status 9/9/08

Archived Puppy Mill News

Help End Puppy Mills Forever The Need to Reform Pet Stores that Sell Animals The Greed of Selling Puppy Mill Dogs The USDA and Puppy Mills Description of some Puppy Mill Puppy Ailments Why are Celebritards contributing to the Puppy Mill Industry Please don't patronize Pet Stores that sell puppy mill dogs
Francis Battista of Best Friends Animal Society Dogs from Puppy Mills Deserve Better The Puppy Mill Dog Test Paris Hilton buys Puppy Mill Dogs from Pets of Bel Air It is Important to Know Where Pet Stores get their Animals Offspring of a Puppy Mill Dog Please don't buy Puppies from Pet Stores
Pets of Bel Air Dog suffering from IBD Rescue Roundtable presents the perils of Puppy Mill dogs Kitten Mills Exist Too - Protest All Animal Mills A Puppy Mill Survivor from World Kennel in Littlerock, CA LCA Puppy Mill Protest in Malibu at Pet Headquarters Where is that Dog's Mommy and Daddy?
LCA Malibu Vigil for Slain Amish Puppy Mill Dogs The Impact of Puppy Mills on Our Society

Kim Sill of LCA is protesting at Pet Headquarters in Malibu

How to get a pure breed animal that is not from a Pet Store

Pet Headquarters in Malibu, California sells Dogs from Puppy Mills

Adopt a Pure Breed Dog from a Local Rescue or a Shelter

Learn about Puppy Mills on Rescue Roundtable

Save a Life. Adopt an Animal. Do not Buy Animals from Pet Stores.

   How to Report a Puppy Mill.  ()

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